Student Application & Sponsorship Management System

Do you own a foundation that deals with Student Sponsorship, or do your company organized a charitable organization that offer students educational opportunities. 5R offers a customizable and modular Student Application and Sponsorship Management. Our system covers:

  • student applications
  • student selection processes) using custom set parameters such as exam grades, family household income, psychometric test, etc)
  • awarding sponsorship
  • funds disbursement
  • student progress monitoring (with student portal and mobile apps)
  • student loan repayment (with account statements)

Event Registration & Accommodation Rental Management System

If you are looking for a website for your travel agents, or a website to promote your holidays or travel and tourism packages, then 5R can certainly help to get a professional site up and running that is both user friendly and visually appealing.

Your holiday/travel agent website will be custom built in accordance with your exact specification so you can be sure you will have an original one-off site that will stand out from the competition. You can also choose form our various template that we made suitable for travel agency.

Rimba Raid offroad training & event

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hotel booking management

The mission is to make it easier for everyone to booking hotel more faster, efficient, anytime and everywhere you are…


5R design intranet homepages that help employees do their jobs effectively and simplicity. How useful is your organisation’s intranet? More specifically, how useful is the intranet’s homepage – that hotly contested piece of screen real estate that’s typically filled with corporate news? As the discipline, thinking and capability around intranets improves, the question and measure of usefulness should be asked and applied as a matter of course.

Often though, intranets and their homepages are frequently stuffed with generic, company-wide information that has little immediate or actionable use to the individual using it. 5R had help banking and finance organization implementing their intranet homepage effectively by targeting specific information that is useful to organization employees . We also create custom intranet based system to satisfy organization work functions and process.

Some of the custom system includes:

  • Stock Management
  • Audit System
  • Document Management
  • Process Workflow
  • Survey Management


5R specializes in powerful, uniquely designed Web sites for small and medium-sized manufacturing, industrial and service companies like yours to make you stand out. Your manufacturing business will be more memorable if your company brand presents distinctive style and imagination.

An original brand gives you an instant advantage in a field full of common images and promises. We also help you draw more customers to your business online.

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